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This is the access point for the Foundation's Business Continuity Plan Toolkit.  The Toolkit consists of three parts:

  • BCP Guidance Document
  • BCP Template
  • BCP Training Video
The training video that accompanies the BCP Guidance Document and template may be accessed by clicking BCP Training Video under Links.


Water and wastewater utilities throughout the water sector need Business Continuity Plans (BCPs).  A Business Continuity Plan’s end goal is maintaining solid operations ‐ financially, managerially, and functionally - after any incident.  Utilities that operate other systems, such as gas and electrical, can utilize this toolkit as well, although specific technical terminology may be different. 

The Water Sector Coordinating Council (WSCC) Strategic Roadmap, published in October of 2008, listed the Top Priority Activities to significantly mitigate risk in the water sector, including “Provide guidance on business continuity/continuity of operations planning in the water sector.”  This Guidance Document, Template, and online training modules were developed in support of this activity.  Further, a BCP is recommended as part of the ANSI/AWWA G430‐09 Security Practices for Operations and Management Standard.

Relationship Between BCP and Other Plans

A BCP is not meant to replace any other emergency management document, or to replicate any other document. It should complement and enhance a water utility’s existing emergency management system.  Generally, the BCP will be a plan that pulls other existing plans together, although a water utility may choose to integrate their BCP into an existing plan or vice versa.  An emergency response plan (ERP) or similar emergency plan is a tool that “stops the bleeding,” while a BCP is a tool that keeps the “heart pumping”. 

While there are historical distinctions between a BCP and a Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP), the two are increasingly interchangeable as more and more organizations plan for and mitigate disruptions to their operations.  This guidance document and template address the concepts of both BCP and COOP.   A list of plans that may complement the BCP is listed in Table 1, and a glossary of notable types of preparedness plans is included in Appendix J.

 BCP Discussion Forum

BCP Discussion Forum
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 BCP Document Library

WaterRF - BCP Guidance Document.pdf
WaterRF - BCP Guidance Document
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WaterRF - BCP Template.docx
WaterRF - BCP Template
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WaterRF - BCP Training Video

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